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Ada Teknik Ltd. was founded in 1988 manufacturing water heating systems and custom machines for Turkeys emerging food and starch industries. Over the time we expanded our facilities to provide customer specific manufactured parts especially for Automotive industry. Being in business for over 33 years we have the unmatched experience of CNC machining, heat treatment, welding, CAD design and additive manufacturing to create solutions for a variety of applications for customers worldwide. Our staff and equipment is always ready to provide the best solutions in very short lead times.



Ada Teknik seeks to manufacture parts in that require the highest technology and knowledge while maintaining the best quality.

We are committed to reduce environmental impact of our manufacturing processes continually. 

We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity that we use to manufacture our parts.


History and Clients

At initial days Ada Teknik used to manufacture water heating systems for residential customers. After many years we have been able to keep up with advancing technology and partner up with leading companies in Turkey and world-wide provide them solutions at competitive rates and short lead times. Some of our past and current clients are;

Goodyear, Toyota, Hyundai, TUVASAS (Turkish Wagon Industry), General Electric, Betchel Enka

Environmental Policy

Our company takes environmental responsibility very seriously, minimizing the impact of our service on the environment is an essential part of our mission. We comply with local laws and regulations of environmental code. We prioritize minimizing the by-products from our manufacturing processes, and the most by-products we produce are recycled. When we make new investments, environmental impact is very important determining factor. We use the most efficient equipment at our facility to reduce power consumption hence our carbon footprint. We recycle the rainwater, store and use it for sanitary purposes at our facility. We aim to match and exceed ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standards.

Nature Reserve

Location is the key

We are located on a bridge between Europe and Asia. Our manufacturing facility is 50kms to the nearest ship port and less than 2 hours to Turkey's largest airport Istanbul airport. We are willing to do what it takes to get the parts you need at earliest possible lead times. Turkey is part of the EU customs union. The manufactured goods leaving our factory will arrive at EU member states avoiding tariffs, saving our clients considerable capital as opposed to sourcing manufacturing goods from the far east. We work with major Logistics companies such as DHL, FedEx and UPS. Our product samples could reach NA and EU within a day's time.

Raise your standards

Ada Teknik is ISO 9001 certified, our QMS is recognized and certified by international standards. Any product leaving our facility will be inspected by a quality professional and if our clients require, FAI (First Article Inspection) reports will be generated and submitted.

You can find copy of our QMS certificate here

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